About Us

Meet Our General Counsel & CEO, Kara S. Beaufort, Esq.

Kara Beaufort started LHP with a vision to help organizations improve their outdated hiring processes, which often started and ended with posting a job listing on highly competitive hiring platforms. 

Today, she has developed an expert approach to legal staffing that delivers results for employers and candidates alike. Proven to not only improve the speed at which candidates fill vacancies, but also enhance the quality of the hiring match. 

Kara’s research-backed strategies open vast opportunities for her clients. With notable experience as a transactional attorney, Kara’s skills in litigation, labor and employment form a strong understanding of contemporary talent requirements, as well as future opportunities and trends in legal staffing and compliance recruitment.

ABOUt us

We Service Employers and Candidates with Research-Driven Efficiency

Your Success is the Focus of Our Innovative Approach To Compliance and legal staffing

We bring fairness, trustworthiness, accountability, and innovation to the world of recruitment. At Legally Hired Professionals (LHP),

we develop unique solutions for your career or organizational challenges in legal staffing or in your executive search.


We believe legal staffing processes should not slow down your company’s productivity by impeding critical projects and organizational functions. We are also big believers in candidate advocacy and finding ways to provide ongoing support to highly skilled professionals. Our tailored services are a connection point between these two goals, greatly benefiting both employers and candidates. Currently, many of our services are contactless and virtual.

Save Time and Money with Services Aligned to Your Organizational Goals

Spend your resources focusing on growth and leave the staffing processes to us. Our Executive Search Partners will work with you to find a skilled employee that fits the needs of your project or vacancy.

Get Hired Faster at a Firm That Ticks All Your Boxes

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we take the utmost care to ensure every match we make is unbiased and a genuinely beneficial fit for both parties. Our candidate services include interview coaching, contactless hiring, and ongoing professional support before you start working with a reputable organization.

Start Your Recruitment Process with a Free LHP Consultation

Our services are accessible to employers all over the United States. Whether you have more questions or you are ready to launch into the recruitment process, leave your details with us, and we’ll organize a free consultation to understand your needs.